A Journey into Cervical Wisdom


A Journey into Cervical Wisdom on Sunday 9 July 2023 Starting 14.00  at Star Crystal Organics

A Journey into Cervical Wisdom

on Sunday 9 July 2023 Starting 14.00

at Star Crystal $Organics

Join us for an empowering workshop on “The Gateway to Our Voice: A Journey into Cervical Wisdom” on Sunday July 9th, at Star Crystal Organics.
Did you know the cervix is not just a physical organ? In fact, the cervix holds profound significance as a portal of creation, our sense of safety, and empowerment. In this workshop, we will explore the magical roles of cervix, cervical mucus and unravel the factors that create fear and constriction within the cervical space, such as the HPV, cervical cancer, culture of slience, and sexual boundaries.
As a certified women’s hormone specialist and passionate advocate for female body literacy, I am excited to guide you on a transformative journey into understanding the vital role of the cervix and how it can unlock our authentic voice in women’s lives.
This workshop will be interactive and engaging, with ample opportunities to ask questions during & after the workshop, and connect with like-minded women who are on the same journey towards wellness. You will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the critical role of hormone balance, detoxification, stress management, and nutrition to implement positive changes in your daily life.
Mark your calendars for:
💚Date & Time: Sunday, July 9th, 2pm – 4:30pm
💚Early-Bird Price (Pay before 5th July): THB 350. Message me for the information
💚Full Price: THB 400
💚Location: Star Crystal Organics
💚This event is limited to 9 people. This event is only open to women.
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Through engaging discussions, you will gain insights into supporting your cervix and promoting its well-being. We will delve into the importance of hormonal balance, nutrition, and lifestyle choices in nurturing this sacred part of our bodies.
Additionally, you will learn about specific foods and dietary strategies that enhance immune response and create an environment in which abnormal cell growth is less likely to occur in the cervix. You will gain a deeper understanding of the power of nutrition in supporting your body’s defense system.
By developing a deeper connection with our cervix, we can tap into its innate wisdom and experience a profound transformation in our overall well-being. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge, reclaim your power, and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals!
About Me
Hi, My name is Soo! I am a passionate and dedicated holistic women’s health advocate specializing in women’s hormone health and nutrition. I hope to empowers other women to achieve optimal well-being through holistic approaches to health. I believe, together, we can empower ourselves and make informed choices for our well-being.
See you at the workshop!

The Location : Star Crystal Organics