Ancestral Energy “Awareness of epigenetic patterns”


Ancestral Energy “Awareness of epigenetic patterns” on Sunday 25 June 2023 Starting 13.00 at Chiang Mai Holistic

Ancestral Energy “Awareness of epigenetic patterns”

on Sunday 25 June 2023 Starting 13.00

at Chiang Mai Holistic

Ancestral Energy
“Awareness of epigenetic patterns”
Cacao ceremony, Guided meditation, breathwork with ancient method of shamanic drum
An Introduction workshop about healing deep-rooted cause from our ancestors in the 5 bodies: the physical and non physical energy.
Part I- cacao ceremony & Introduction to Ancestral Energy
Topic of discussion includes but not limited to:
-What is ancestral energy and how does it exist in us, 3 different types DNA (trauma, beliefs, physical, 5 bodies) , environment& observed, learned behavior, beliefs and high value given to a person in the family
-What is epigenetic and how does it effect us
-How to identify ancestral energy from other energy
-How to untied soul knot from ancestral energy
-How can we transcend our ancestral energy
-How can we embrace our ancestral energy
-What makes us who we are, DNA & energy
-How epigenetic is pass down through DNA vs. Learned behavior & external environment
-What happens when we don’t understand our ancestral energy and how important it is to be aware of it
-Mental attitude of lack, where does it come from and how to unblock it
-People recognized & people held incredible power over you and their shared energy, insight& examples
-How awareness of ancestral energy can help identify root cause of our sufferings and help us transcend into a more abundant life
Part II- The practice: Identify & Resolved (Guided meditation)
In this workshop you will learn the practice that can be use to help you understand more about ancestral energy. You will experience how to identify, transcend, and embrace ancestral energy and how to resolve blocked energy that will eventually help untied soul know from ancestral energy over time and practices.
Purpose of this meditation is to explore the Ancestral Energies Within you by going in the deepest part within us and recognized the pattern of energy that manifest in the heart, mind, and soul that exist within.
All levels of spirituality experience are Welcome!
Part III- breath work with ancient drums
Healing start with your beliefs and repetition of practice to heal…
After we identify we must resolve, release and let go.
Find the root causes of it all, get there, be there with in until it’s comprehended. Breathwork helps the body releases any trauma, blockage or child hood pain that may have manifest in the body and the shamanic drum is an ancient instrument that helps the mind focus and dig deep into the hearts. The vibration of the drum is helpful frequencies when we try to reach into our hearts and soul. Our ancestors know this and have used drums as tool to help us connect deeper within ourselves for thousands of years.
Come and join us and experience a day of super charged consciousness.
All levels of spirituality welcome
Date: 25 June, 2023
Time: 1-2:30pm
Place: Chiangmai Holistic Center
Price: 500 Baht
Can book directly with Chiangmai Holistic or
Contact FB: The Akashic Guide
LineID: napindac

The Location : Chiang Mai Holistic