Full Moon Yoga of Voice Workshop

Full Moon Yoga of Voice Workshop2023

Full Moon Yoga of Voice Workshop on Sunday 5 February 2023 Starting 13:00 at Chiang Mai Holistic

Full Moon Yoga of Voice Workshop

on Sunday 5 February 2023 Starting 13:00

at Chiang Mai Holistic

Do you love Kirtan, but have never had a chance to study the roots of Indian musical practice? Do you love to sing, but would like support experiencing a more confident voice in a safe setting? Have you been studying yoga postures, but would like to also develop a nada yoga or “yoga of sound” practice?

I answered yes to all these questions about 5 years ago, and was determined to find someone who was an actual authority on these subjects. My journey led me to India where I met Niloy Ahsan, a 21st generation practitioner of the Dagarvani Dhrupad lineage. Dhrupad is the oldest surviving form of Indian Classical music and traces its origin to the chanting of mantras, which is nada yoga. The practice of Dhrupad is very nuanced, and will inevitably induce a state of meditative absorption and mental peace. The level of enlivened concentration I experience in this practice is unlike any I have ever experienced, and is complementary to my practice of silent meditation, asana, and plant spirit medicine.
YouTube of Niloy singing:

Niloy believes, like the ancient Rishis and Sufi mystics, that music can be a potent way of exploring the divine. This type of yoga is thus the exploration of sound, and the play of prana, at subtle levels, which makes it an act of healing. Niloy’s approach to singing is thus holistic, as is the Dhrupad music itself. It is deeply embedded in a philosophy of self-awareness, of how we sit, speak, and by extension, sing.
The workshop focuses on Dhrupad’s voice-training methods, which have their roots in Yoga and the Sama Vedic mantra chanting tradition. The basic method of the long vowel, Akaar, and how it is employed in Dhrupad to improve the voice, come first in the lesson. Subsequently, the concept of voice resonance fluctuation through many facets of vowel and consonant pronunciation, the use of the breath, as well as silent internal processes are covered after that. Techniques that are essential for Dhrupad singing are covered throughout the session, and they can also be applied broadly to voice training. The methods and concepts presented can be utilized to understand the voice and how it develops via rigorous practice in a wide range of singing genres. As it is an Oral Tradition every concept is introduced and explained via practical singing exercises.
Ideal Participant:
Anyone interested in learning more about the Dhrupad approach of music and how to incorporate it into their individual sadhana is encouraged to join the workshop. Fans of classical music, those seeking a yogic approach to sound and music, as well as music students who want to learn more about the foundations of Dhrupad/Indian classical music, can all benefit greatly from it.
Participation in the session is available to people from all backgrounds.
Since this is an introductory afternoon workshop we may touch on any and all of these topics. They will be more fully addressed at an in depth 3 Day workshop February 9-12 @Amaravati:
⭐️ Swar (musical notes); activities to improve command and control over pitch and melody.
⭐️ Basic Dhrupad fundamentals, knowledge of Tanpura and samvad (consonance), as well as the syllables in the Dhrupad alap.
⭐️ Studying temporality in music, learning about how time works in music, the basics of rhythm and counting, and exercises to develop one’s intrinsic sense of rhythm.
⭐️ Raga or the central concept of Indian Classical Music; learning how to sing, improvise, and interact with a raga in line with the Dhrupad tradition, as well as the nuances and complexity of this phenomenon that makes Indian music distinctive.
⭐️ Bandish (composition) that blends the various rhythmic and melodic frameworks learned with application to poetry in the style of a musical composition in the Dhrupad tradition. A Bandish is similar to a mantra in a kirtan, but more like a song, though most are composed to express spiritual devotion.
The core focus of this retreat is to bring about a unique opportunity to experience meditation through the ancestral techniques of deep listening and mindful singing. Participants will be able to gain a general understanding of the many Dhrupad components as well as a comprehensive appreciation for Classical Indian Music generally. They will also be able to continue their immersion in Dhrupad music with the use of take-home practice materials and patterns.
Together, we will unveil the restorative and evolutionary power of vibration, the most accessible and effective support for meditative absorption. We will walk the way of sound, a journey towards the expansion of consciousness and the opening of the heart.
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