Open Mic at Free Bird Cafe


Open Mic at Free Bird Cafe on Wednesday 28 June 2023 Starting 19.00 at Free Bird Cafe

Open Mic at Free Bird Cafe

on Wednesday 28 June 2023 Starting 19.00

at Free Bird Cafe

Welcome to Free Bird Cafe’s Weekly Open Mic Night! Guest hosts lead us as we explore pieces of music, writing, poetry, comedy, performances, knowledge shares, whatever you feel like sharing!

You can share original works, or pieces by your heroes & muses. Aim for 7 minutes of sharing time total, if time allows, you may come back up.

Sign up to share when you arrive- the list opens at 7pm and we will start then. Our full menu of drinks, food, snacks, coffees, cocktails and more is available so you can come early to eat or order through the event.

Mic is on from 7-9:30pm. You don’t have to get on stage to attend and enjoy everyone’s pieces, join us and bring your friends along too!

Admission is free and Free Bird Cafe is a social enterprise generating resources for refugees in our community through their foundation, Thai Freedom House. The more we eat & drink, the more support we give! The menu is AMAZING- featuring unique Shan and Burmese dishes with high-quality ingredients; have dinner under the lights, dessert or a delicious cocktail, beer, glass of wine. Come hungry and leave with a full belly and a full heart!

We would love you to sign up and perform, here are a few things to keep in mind/agree to first:
If you are sharing content that may be emotionally triggering in a harmful way for some people, ex: mentioning addiction, rape, suicide… Please give us a CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING at the beginning so that anyone who wishes to step away for a moment can do so. We want you to feel free to share your truth, experience, art without unintentionally harming others.
We are a SAFE SPACE, that means NO RACISM, HATE SPEECH, BULLYING, MISOGYNY, towards any individuals or group, present or not present. If we identify this happening, a member of our team will step in to interrupt.

We have two mics with cords and stands, a speaker, AUX, guitar lead, if you need to bring anything else or have a portable amp, etc, please do. If you are playing an instrument, you will be responsible for your own hook up/set up. If you need a backing track please have it prepared on your phone, laptop or USB or ask for the bluetooth connection for our speaker.
Thank you and see you on Wednesday evenings!

The Location : Free Bird Cafe